Prevent Rust on Your Car

March 26, 2014

There is still salt on your vehicle and it wants to rust. The calendar may say that it is Spring, but the weather may have other ideas. One day sunny, the next day snowy.  On day 50 degrees, the next day 19 degrees.  

Before it warms up completely, don’t forget to wash the remaining salt off your vehicles. Salt rusts cars and you don’t want your vehicle slowly rusting away. Especially pay attention to the hard to see and hard to reach areas such as the undercarriage of your vehicle. Rust on the undercarriage can affect the structural integrity of your vehicle.

In a recent New York Times article dated March 12, 2014, author Benjamin Preston discusses the importance of removing the salt and ways to wash the undersides of your vehicles in the self-service bays.

While the advice is very sound, there are easier ways to clean the salt off the bottoms of your vehicles.  If you visit one of our Soft Cloth Automatic Tunnels located at 15313 Kinsman Road and 15610 Lakeshore Blvd., you can sit in the comfort of your vehicle, while our equipment cleans your entire vehicle including the underside. Additionally, our No Touch Automatic bays (which are open 24 hours a day) located at 16436 Miles Road, 8219 Broadway and 13111 Broadway can also clean the undersides of your vehicle while you sit comfortably inside.  

Whatever method you choose for salt removal (Self-Service Car Wash, Automatic Soft Cloth Tunnel Car Wash or No Touch Automatic Car Wash), please make sure you get that salt away. Winter will end soon (we hope) and you don’t want winter’s salt to keep eating away your vehicle as the weather warms up.  Protect one of your biggest assets.  Wash that salt off and help to rust-proof your car. 

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