What's in your Winter Driving Safety Kit?

December 25, 2021

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours!

During this holiday season, give yourself the gift of peace of mind by stocking your winter driving safety kit.  

Below is a list of items that would be helpful to have in the event of a winter driving emergency

Ice Scraper

Portable Shovel (sometimes you just need to dig out)

Kitty Litter (for adding traction on icy patches)

Jumper cables

Spare Tire and Jack

Flashlight with batteries

Cell phone charger (they sell inexpensive ones to plug into cigarette lighter)

Basic First aid kit

Blanket, hat, mittens 

Hot Hands (those can keep warm for up to 4 hours)

Bottled Water and Snacks (i.e. granola bars or some other longer lasting snack item)

Keep your items together in a bag/bin in your trunk or back seat.  Hopefully, you won't need to use them but if an emergency arises, you'll be happy you prepared.  

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