Congratulations Tyrone Barnes on your Book!

October 29, 2018

Congratulations Tyrone Barnes on your Book!

 American Pride Car Washes would like to congratulate long-time employee, Tyrone D. Barnes, on the publication of his second poetry book.  Many of you know Tyrone as one of the smiling faces of our business.  He has been with American Pride for over 20 years and is a hard working guy with a very positive attitude.  In addition to being a great employee, Tyrone is a husband, a father and a poet.  

His second book, entitled, The Mind of the Forensic Poet, was recently published.  It can be found online at , or Barnes and as well as in your local book stores.  We are so proud of him for following his dream and we hope that you can support him by checking out his book.

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